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100g Packs Hard Wax Beans - Brazilian Waxing Beads Peel Off Depilatory Bikini

100g Packs Hard Wax Beans - Brazilian Waxing Beads Peel Off Depilatory Bikini

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Formulated with nourishing Coconut Oil this natural Hard Wax is designed for the ever-increasing hard wax requirements of ‘Brazilian’ style bikini line and body waxing. Segmented into beads so you can ‘top up’ your wax heater anytime you like. Just pour in what you need and melt.

Choose a pack from one of our luxurious scents available which include, Lavender, Rose, Honey, Aloe Vera, Strawberry or Chamomile.


  • This wax requires no strips at all, simply peel off at cold
  • Luxury and nourishing coconut oil formulation
  • Great for Wax Heater Pots and wax heaters
  • A more painless wax pellet for hair removal
  • Suitable for home or salon use


  • Quantity: 100g
  • Scents Available: Honey;Aloe Vera; Lavender; Rose; Strawberry; Chamomile
  • Resealable Bag

Waxing Instructions

  1. Melt the wax in a wax heater
  2. The consistency of the wax after it melts needs to be like honey which means its at the right temperature. Not too liquid like water which means its definitely too hot and not too thick either.
  3. Test on a small surface of your skin first to make sure it is at the temperature you would like first and not to burn yourself. If that's ok then you can move on.
  4. Apply a thick coat to where you want to wax.
  5. It is important to wait for the wax to cool down so it sticks to the hair only and not the skin as well
  6. Once the wax cools down, take the wax off and the hair comes out with it.

Package Includes:

100g Hard Wax Beans of you selected scent pack.

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